The DUMBIO research group is supported by INRAE and CNRS, and it deals with biomaterials. It positions itself disciplinaryly at the interface of chemistry, physico-chemistry of condensed matter and materials science in the broad sense, and that includes process engineering. These disciplines are supplemented by an axis without strict disciplinary affiliation; this axis of research  must shed light on the systemic aspects related to the use and implementation of these materials in a global planetary context. Thus, it is broken down into four axes:

  1. biobased materials and mass biopolymers,
  2. biobased materials and hydrated biopolymers,
  3. advanced materials processes and
  4. environmental, economic and societal impacts.

This GDR therefore deals with natural polymers, cellulosic materials and natural fibers, as well as advanced materials based on natural resources (in the fields of catalysis, therapeutic vectors, and for material applications of all kinds, including energy and water issues). Thuis symposium is the perfect place to show recent results on the understanding of the structure of materials in plants, fungi, vertebrates or invertebrates, for example in insects.


The registration will take place on June 4, 2024 at 13:30 and the closing of the presentations will take place on Thursday, June 6 at 12:30. A laboratory visit will be organized on June 6 afternoon. In addition to the coffee breaks, a buffet is planned for Wednesday June 5 at noon and a gala dinner for the evening of June 5. A take-away meal (or to eat on site) is available for June 6 at noon.

Register here.


This year, the GDR will take place in Le Havre, which will be the perfect occasion to enjoy this unique city nested between a historical harbour and the well-known chalk cliffs.



For any information regarding the event, please send an email at:

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